Green Telecoms




Cedar really understand the requirements of organisations with multiple sites. Our staff have experience of advising and supporting customers with everything from two to hundreds of sites.

Moves and changes

Organisations grow and reorganise. We understand the importance of even small changes, and handle all with care and competence.

We also have solutions that allow you to rapidly and seamlessly make changes, in ways that mean that your customers experience continuity of service.

Managing your telecoms assets

Multi-site organisations quickly find themselves looking after tens, hundreds or even thousands of lines. Each individual piece of information is quite minor and so it's easy to lose track, creating difficulties for cost control, fault handling and planning changes.

We are able to manage your telephone and data lines for you. We hold details, including notes on individual lines, at site level, but also reflect your organisation in the way we link sites together. On request we can provide bespoke reports regarding both your telecoms assets and your spend, ensuring you have full control of your telecoms.


We don’t forget your finance department. Whether it’s as simple as making sure you get just one invoice covering all your services on all your sites, or providing multiple invoices and detailed cost breakdowns that can be directly and quickly keyed into your accounts software, our billing system allows us to do what you want.