Green Telecoms



Dependably Dull Business Telecoms

Telecoms makes us bounce around with excitement, but for most people most of the time it’s just plain dull. There we’ve said it, so that you don’t have to.

Necessary though, essential even. Expected to work well and reliably.

So if you just need your telecoms to tick along quietly we’ll respect that and deliver dependability. If, however, you have business challenges that need smart telecoms and data solutions we have the products and skills to help.

Competent and courteous

We don’t have a call centre. We do have very experienced staff, who are pleasant to deal with and reliable.

This means that whether you have a fault, a straight-forward order or a complex requirement you’ll get candid advice and a rapid effective solution.

We support our people with great IT and other systems, so that they have the information they need to hand. And we manage without pillars and posts.

Business only

Consumer telecoms is about volume, containing costs, one size fits all, not caring if a customer is lost provided another replaces them.

We can’t and don’t want to think and work like that, so we only provide services to businesses, government, charities and similar organisations.

Consequently we are able to give our customers care and attention. Above all we have time and the inclination to listen, so that we provide services that better match your business’ needs.

Products and services

We provide all the traditional telecoms products (calls, line rental and internet) and it doesn’t matter whether you want a new installation or just to change from your existing supplier.

We also design, provide and manage telecoms and data services that link multiple sites, whether you have several offices or people working from home.

For businesses with sufficient sites to make management of telecoms infrastructure a problem we offer this as an outsourced service.

All our customers are offered invoices which make it easy to track costs by site, cost centre, or any other references that you use.

Lastly we offer services that help to unite distributed organisations. These include easy to implement web conferencing and “hosted” telephone systems.